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Our translation office in Bonn offers you certified translations in all languages through our quick, convenient and professional service, which you can order online.


As your direct contact, we offer you certified translations in all fields through our extensive professional network of translators. Our goal is to accompany you from the first to the last step of the process, with our expertise.


Do you need a translation that requires developed knowledge in specific subjects (for example, economic, technical, medical, or legal texts)? Together with our network of experts we can provide certified and professional translations.


Once our colleagues meet native speakers and revise the correct diction, we will bring it to you on the dot!

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The certified translators in our network guarantee their signature and legally binding seal for their customized and certified translations, which may be required for official documents (for example certificatesrecords, or contracts). The produced content coheres with that of the original document.

Certified translations may only be made by legally authorized translators.

We translate your documents quickly, without mistakes, and certainly in the best quality. To ensure this, we operate a thorough quality management, which constantly puts our translators to the test.


We are happy to help you with the certified translations of your documents to any European language (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Romanian, Russian, and others).


Similarly, we have no problem with non-European, more exotic languages (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and many more).


A certified translation of a graduation certificate in English, a bachelor’s degree in Spanish or a police clearance certificate in French? These are only some examples of the typical orders from our customers. The spectrum of our abilities certainly covers multiple text types. Here you can find a variety of other documents that can become certified translations in different languages.

Price & Costs

Every certified translation requires an offer that is fair with the individuality of the documents based on the special demands (for example word count, language combination, subject area, and level of difficulty of the text) of the translation.

Therefore, after reviewing the document we are to translate, we are happy to provide you a non-binding offer that not only includes credentials, but also national and international shipping costs. This means that there are no hidden costs for you.

What is a certified translation?

If you want to submit a foreign-language document that must be legally authorized in court in Germany or the European Union to an official or a government authority, your document requires a certified translation that is considered a legally binding, verbatim reproduction of the original document. Only professional translators who are considered neutral and reliable people before the law can produce a certified translation. These are court authorized, certified or in some states, sworn specialty translators.

With a certified translation the text or document will be translated to a foreign language (for example English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, or Turkish), or translated to German from a foreign language. The authorized translator provides their signature for their certified translation, as well as their personal stamp and explanation, to assure that the produced certified translation is produced true to the original. It is important to mention that a notary, or employee of public authority (for example, city hall) has no authority to certify legally binding foreign language documents or to certify that the translation is genuine and was produced verbatim.


Less than 5% of registered translators in all of Germany have been authorized by the court of appeal to make certified translations. We have an extensive network of translators, so that we can make authorized translations in many languages for you. Ask today for a free quote for your certified translation.

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